Now that you have gone out into the field, interviewed residents, and collected data, it's time to put it all into action. 


To get started, head to the Civic Viewer, where you can start loading in the data you have collected. 

We've provided you with all the data you'll need to see the viewer in action. However, if you've collected your own, start by clicking on Load New Data. This will expand the Viewer with data entry boxes.  

Start by entering in the JSON file you exported from Moves. Since Moves exports full days, you will also want to enter in the exact starting time you started the interview process. Use the time you said aloud on video, when your participant started filming. 

Enter in the ending time as well. These two time stamps will affect the accuracy when viewing the data, so it's important to be exact.

Next enter in the video transcription data. You can pull this from your CSV file by opening the file in a text editor. Copy the data and paste it into the appropriate box. Enter in the date as well. This will allow the Viewer to correctly identify the time in the transcription text. 

The next step is to add in the video. You will need to convert the entire duration of the video into seconds. Then enter the exact start time, and the sharable link from YouTube.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 12.41.56 PM.png

Lastly, open your Biometric Analysis CSV with a text editor. Copy and paste the text into the appropriate box. 

Click Process the Data and you can start your analysis!