Civic View uses multiple data streams to tell the story of a resident's personal experience of public space.


These data streams include

  • GPS 
  • Video
  • Qualitative text 
  • Biometric readings 

We’ve taken the first steps of ensuring all these data points can talk to one another, by tying the data to timestamp. Our goal is to achieve interoperability and scalability of data that is often thought of as too difficult to make machine-readable, namely a person's emotional or personal experience. 

A few things to note:

  • Biometric readings require expertise to both capture and interpret. Within the Civic View ecosystem, these data streams are the most experimental. Currently we're recommending the BITalino microcontroller in our design research methodology, as it's the most affordable and robust system on the market. However, it is not without its quirks and issues. We anticipate this technology will only increase in reliability with the launch of competitive health monitoring SDKs and consumer-ready hardware such as the Apple Watch. 
  • Privacy is paramount! We've taken care to craft a data collection methodology that retains enough demographic data to be useful, while still ensuring participants are protected. Please respect this principle.